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A house might just be wood and bricks, but a home should be much more.


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Randy Barfield, founder and principal designer for Barfield Designs, Inc. has been designing homes for over 25 years.  Along his education in architecture, he also has practical experience in commercial and landscape architecture, as well as structural, civil, and traffic engineering.  In addition, he has been a licensed General Contractor since 1988.  After building homes for a few years, he returned to his true passion, residential design.  Since then, he has designed creative and innovative homes for hundreds of clients.

Barfield Designs, Inc. is no more limited by architectural styles than by talent.  The firm is equally adept at creating traditional, rustic, contemporary, or anything in between.  Barfield believes his job is to get the architecture and planning right, the type or style should be dictated by the client. Whatever the style of their home, all are designed for function, lifestyle, and beauty.


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